Best Android Phones 2018 – Top Rated And Cheap Smartphones You Can Buy


We can now use the phone to pick up a pocket camera and use the same phone as photos. While smartphones are not as sharp as the larger most proprietary cameras, smartphones today help us to acquire a significantly better photograph. The smartphone is a rapidly advanced feature of the last decade. In the early days, only a mime has been released, but now the camera is a camera that can be used for professional purposes …

Technical specs and photo

We see a photo good or bad primarily by watching it. Sometimes, despite the use of fine-tuning technology, the phone comes with a photo-enhanced enhancement, even though the camera is finished with the help of the well-known companies. The video of Marcus Browny’s latest video has a higher resolution than the Huawei P20, indicating that Apple’s and Google’s Pixel cameras are in front.

1. Huawei P20

The second in Huawei’s China-built smartphone market is only the Xiaomi smartphone market. Huawei makes smartphones with super-comfort available in our hands. A new P20 camera from Huawei, a camera with a new dimension on camera. This P20 camera comes in three holes. This means that the basic camera takes light from the object to get a light through the three holes in the phone and take a photo. Through the Huawei P20, the image can be as high as 40 megapixels.

2. Nova 2i

Nova 2 is a popular Huawei phone among middle-level Sri Lankans. Huwaeva comes with a 6-inch screen and comes with two cameras on the Nova 2 fronts. Accordingly, Cellphones also gives a basic camera as well as a great photo at Nova 2 in Huawei. In Sri Lanka, which was sold at Rs 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 in Sri Lanka, its popular camera was also popular.


3. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Samsung Galaxy is a cell that became the most popular smartphone ever since, after an Apple smartphone. The Galaxy S9, the S9 + feature of the Zlocus, is a feature that has been a welcome addition to many fans. Samsung Galaxy S9 + is the highest-end smartphone in the Samsung family. So, most of the features of a modern-day camera are featured in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

4. Samsung Galaxy J7 and A8

The newest 2018 handset with a super phone amplitude display will be available in the J-brand of the most popular galaxy among Sri Lankan smartphones in Sri Lanka. The J7 has a single camcorder, but it’s a powerful one. The Galaxy S Series is not as good as a poker movie. A Series is also popular among Samsung comers. The phone’s apple-shaped connector is sturdy and can take photographs from the water.

5. Nokia 6

Nokia 6, which came with Nokia’s mobile phone, is one of the most popular cell phones among middle-level smartphone enthusiasts. The new Nokia 6 has been introduced to the most popular version of the Nokian. Nokia is a cell phone that works on the phone if it is the same at that time. A Nokia Duchess camera with Nokia 6 is also the best camera phone available in that range.

6. Xiaomi Mi A1

Sioum has since acted as a Google mobile company that changed Google’s Android operating system and incorporates a separate stereo to fit China. Therefore, there was no reason to think that Sony’s company would be able to make an original Android phone. But Siyamy crossed the challenge. Xiaomi popular Android phone Mi A1 is also popular with those using middle-level smartphones.

We A 1 Dual camera is technically strong. Although the Mi A 1 looks a bit more colorful, the camera as a whole is in a good position. Now, sympathizers who use Siomy are now also growing in Sri Lanka. The new 5-inch Notebook 5 also comes with Mi A 1 and a very powerful camera. Sony’s high-end smartphones and high-end phones are now popular among the Xiaomi Indians.


Realizing the camera
Each of the cameras has some of its features, as well as some minor weaknesses. Some cameras do not provide such fine photographs with low light. At such times it is important to try to take a picture from a good angle. We can also change the settings of many camera phones and customize the camera to take photos. Accordingly, there is a camera phone that gives the phone the ultimate in picture quality, as well as a few understanding photobooks and good photo memories.




Written by Yomal