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Top Corporate Internet Service Providers

The best business internet provides reliable communications, excellent customer service and adequate bandwidth for your business. Provider availability and plans will vary by location, but if you’re upset with all the options, we are here to clarify.

How to choose the best online business


There are over 2,000 Internet service providers in the US, but most companies will have access to only a few. An encouraging fact in the industry is that even modest estimates, FCC reports show that half of the country has no other choice when it comes to high-speed Internet providers. Based on this, we focused our study on 11 commercial Internet providers with the broadest national coverage. To find out what is available on your site, enter your zip code at the top of the page, and we will tell you about the most important considerations when buying.

The width of the line

When your provider becomes available, it depends on only one factor: sufficient bandwidth. Todd Melkam, CEO of SWYM Systems, Inc., IT Consulting, told us: “For commercial Internet providers, the top priority is to have sufficient bandwidth to interact with all the employees on the site. productivity in a technology company will decrease when you try to access cloud storage and make video calls at a speed of 10 Mbps, but for small enterprises that use the Internet only to send email and web support -site, it may be. It makes sense to subscribe at a speed of only 10 Mbps, rather than spend 100 Mbps, and we are looking for suppliers with plans that fit many sizes and needs of the business.

Customer service

We will be honest here: as we said in our review of the best Internet providers, customer service in the entire Internet service industry is very modest. Although this is a worrisome fact for regular Internet users, business risks are higher. Businesses can lose potential revenue during internet outages, making fast and wholesome customer service more valuable. We observe third-party customer service ratings provided by J.D. Power and the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which evaluates Internet service providers for customer satisfaction. We identified these points when discussing our best options below. Higher results do not guarantee the optimal performance of your service provider but should be associated with better long-term service.

Seven best internet providers


AT & T Internet: the most transparent price
Verizon – Best Customer Service
CenturyLink: Best Compensation for Downtime
Comcast Xfinity: More Reliable Speeds
Border Communications – the best online resource
Charter spectrum – more flexible contracts
Windstream: extended coverage

High customer satisfaction

Connect AT&T directly behind Verizon to get the highest customer satisfaction rating. While the average number of seven vendors averaged 3.2 / 5 with JD Power and 62.4 / 100 with ACSI, AT & T was comfortably above average with both. Although these classes vary by region, AT&T has become the only supplier to have the ideal JD Power class in any area with 5/5 particulate matter in the Midwest.


AT&T is superior to its competitor when it comes to pricing and transparency plans. The company determines the prices of its equipment, installation and maintenance, which is rarely found in the industry, known for its coverage language and hidden fees. Although we spent hours looking for service level agreements from other suppliers, we found AT&T in just a few minutes.

A wide range of plans.

AT & T offers commercial Internet plans using DSL, Fiber and IPBB (mainly DSL and high-speed Ethernet, grouped under one name). The number of plans and speeds available depends on the location, but the download speeds of business plans range from 6 Mbps (DSL) to 1000 Mbps (Viber). – It has a range of speeds that can meet the needs of your business.


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Written by Yomal