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Future Smart Kitchen

It’s been a long time that the technology is saying that it’s over the table. Now, you’re coming to the kitchen. The kitchen or kitchen is usually replaced by technology. It is difficult to invade such an invisible place. If that is to be achieved, it will be useful for Sri Lankans in particular. Because we usually cook for a […]

Li-fi Is Capable Of Sharing Data At Speeds Of Light!

Li-Fi is no longer amazing technology. Many of the people using the Internet use routers with Wi-Fi wireless connection. Any low-capacity smartphone has a WiFi connection. But we say, how many times faster than hi-tech, hi-tech wireless technology is going to be the future of technology in the future. Yes. This technology is called Li-Fi (Li-Fi). This is to say […]

Smart Home Devices

Needless to say, how much easier it is to us after our smartphone has been smartphones. This convenience will not only make it easier for us to make our career easier, but also increase our appreciation and social commitment. While some people have blamed some of the smarter technology at this moment, this note is about some of the devices […]