Future Smart Kitchen


It’s been a long time that the technology is saying that it’s over the table. Now, you’re coming to the kitchen. The kitchen or kitchen is usually replaced by technology. It is difficult to invade such an invisible place. If that is to be achieved, it will be useful for Sri Lankans in particular. Because we usually cook for a long time and then eat what we tried to eat for about ten minutes. So if you can reduce the amount of time you spend it, it will be a more useful task.

1. Fresh the fruits

Let’s take advantage of the benefits of a vegetable wrapped in fruit from the tree. We’re not Farmers, bro. You do not have room for fruit fruits in Polonnaruwa. Sooner or later, as soon as things go, it will be too late for the nearest store. It’s getting too late for us. That’s when we get to eat three or four days on Fridge when we cook or eat on Fresh Fresh. The cold, which makes it feel so thin, does not look so easy. Fudge does not mean that a new vegetable is kept in a fridge, however, in the form of an add-on. If freshness had a way of preserving it the same way, freshness.

This is something that the kitchen will offer in the future. A kitchen is not a chaplain. Somewhere somehow a bit of a bit of food. It is a machine that needs to be done in such a place. Do not turn it on. Make your taste good. The word “step” is an indication to be an ad with the quantity that needs to be adapted and some kind of technology needed for some kind of technology.

Benefit Method

People are now beginning to think about the benefits. It’s more important than focusing on your life. Because the whole body is bigger than the tongue. The kitchen has an indication of food that can be cooked continuously. If it’s possible to connect to a wired screen, it will be advantageous to connect to the phone.


What is a Kican manager? It’s about the entire kitchen. If it’s less salty than home, it’ll tell us. We can see what’s in the home vegetable fruits, and we can see from the camera attached to it at Fridge. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy vegetable fruits without the necessity of getting food. And we’ve been through the management during the past few years. So it tells us that if we have dropped foods dropped into food, we will be notified.

The first thing to have a kitchen is security. A good sensor system must operate in a fire burn. Also, the sensor system must be able to identify a gas leak. Similarly, machinery to cut cutlery from cut kilns and cutting cuttings to fruits and vegetables and to produce cuttings.

The multi-purpose household is worth home. You have to lose goods when you go to a modern house. Space and freedom should increase. Therefore, it is possible to use an example of a knife that can be cleaned from one non-corrodible, oil-resistant stain for all cuts. Also, one oven that can be cooked will save your home space and you can make cooking easier. Many new technologies will also make it easier for you to use these technologies, as WiFi is connecting to your smartphone.

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Written by Yomal