Future Smartphones Might Get These Awesome Features


With Phoenix’s work, there’s a lot of work. Only the phones that were outdone for a call were able to listen to the phone. The game came, Color Displease came, a small camera came. Then it came to mind and came to a state of mind. Nowadays a smartphone is in the hands of a computer that can handle more than one desktop computer. So how much can this come from in the future ?! This, it’s a prognosis.

1. Good battery

The biggest problem in our fancies is the battery. By morning, it’s been 30% in the morning. So you have to charter again, or you need to pay the rest of the day in fear. No lithium-ion batteries can be used to charge a battery, so it’s far from being far enough to catch a good battery, so you can do a better job of installing a built-in battery or fast-backing bag, or installing it at any lower price.

The future series has already been developed in the future of the phone on the top of the table in the office, and now it’s already being re-examined in the method of wire rope, even when you have a device in WiFi.

2. Easiness to use artificial intelligence

At present, AI, or artificial intelligence, is rapidly on the smartphone. But there is still a problem in the system that needs server support to use it. That means using Google Assistant, which still need Internet, Prisma and FaceApp apps, upload it to their server, browse through the server, and then we need to show us again.

But when the performance of the phone increases, it becomes easier for the Internet to do more. And more facilities, that is, when we use the apps, suggesting them or using a photo, we’ll find a lot of work to do to get them to do it.


3. Glasses instead of VR Box

A virtual reality or headset needs a headset like the one we feel like in an environment. When it comes to taking a long time, it does not look good for the eyes, and the head and body structure of the headset starts to feel pain inside and inside. Instead, it’s easier to do with two glasses, like Google Glass. But with a mirror with VR capabilities, the mirror can be hard to build, so it can take the socket for it. The processors are handed over to the phone and the mirror can be simply connected to the Wireless Wireless Connection Mode as the screen.

4. AR instead of the projector

Games such as the Pokemon games, such as the messenger camera, allow you to use the latest technology to add new things to your device. Then we opened the app and on the camera, we put things from our app in the room (Note, 3D design) and see the phone’s where they are. But if you can not get a projector for your phone, you can not even look at the phone, your cell phone, or the way it looks. Anyway, it’s easy to present the presentation. We’re already doing research on how to install a projector on a nation.

5. Look at the phone from the phone

In the past, many already contain things like puzzles, pressure miners, hummingbirds, and earphones sensors. But many important senators will come in the future. Due to the recent scan of the Fingerprint Scanner from QucomCom, the Vivo did not require a separate Fingerprint Scanner. In this way, we can test our diseases, such as body temperature sensors and sensory sensors that can detect blood pressure.

It’s worth the time to focus on fitness and health, as well as knowing how we walk and recognizing our positions and knowing that the phone is in our hands, and in our case, we can set up a way for us to open the lock for the lock. When a person understands some of the behavior of another person’s behavior, the behavior of a person’s voice, the phone becomes even more responsive when it comes to another person’s phone.


Written by Yomal