How To Speedup Android Phone


It’s normal for a cell phone to take over a year. Nowadays, the app’s weight is too much, and it’s harder to cope with the amount of work we do. Sometimes the camera app does not look great, even if it’s not great. Try these things:

1. Remove unnecessary apps

Play the Play Store in a bit more time, and feel like installing its many apps. You can add photo filters for ten, fifteen camera cameras, twelve games, and two or three of the three-way apps to your phone. When we do this, we get pictures, songs and stuff, and the internal storage fills up. In addition to the Background Run apps, the number of ramps increases. That’s why I need to keep the necessary apps and fix them for once a month. To do this, go to Settings → Apps and select the desired app, then click Uninstall. Uninstall some apps that come with the phone, but disable them instead.

 2. Remove the Digs

If you have a lot of bugs on your Home Screen, you can increase your cell phone when you’re less charged. Because they increase the load in the first place. In the default Launcher, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, there is no home screen as well as Apple. If you do not have that, touch it on the widget. Then remove the Widow above or below the icon and leave.

3. Lite apps

If the Facebook app is super-stylish and if the phone is old, the new app is a bit too heavy. So its the latest work to run on the old run-down phone. Then we have to wait for an app for about an hour. Instead of uninstalling it or disabling it, we can uninstall it or disable it by installing Firefox Lite, Messenger Lite, and Opera Mini, and we can recover it for a while.


4. Disable Animation

When you open the apps in the Open window, when you close, the animation will go up and down. To do this, the graphics processor needs to load the phone a bit. It can be removed because it makes it more burdensome for a mobile phone, and we do not have the benefit of the animations. Yes, there is nothing to be scared, if necessary. To do this, go to Settings → About Phone and continue to touch about seven times in a row on the Build Number. If some of the cellars are below the Countdown 3-2-1 below. The other one directly shows the Developer Mode On. Then after that, when it came back to Settings, a new menu came to be called Developer Options. Go to Window Animation Scale and select Animation Off. If you want to restore the animation Scale 1x, it’s OK.

5. Clear the Cache

We get a big cache when we use the phone. When we look at a picture on Facebook, we can see that it’s been downloaded to the phone. In the same video as YouTube. When it comes to recovering files, it’s time to flash. To remove these, go to Settings → Storage and then click Cache, and then Clear. If you want to do just a single app, go to Settings → Apps to select the app and select Storage → Clear Cache. Or, if you have an Device Maintenance app for your phone, you can easily delete files like this. If one of them comes to your phone, you can install a Cache Cleaner, CCleaner.

6.Factory Reset

The only thing that can be done is to put everything into operation, then restore the phone completely to the new boot. But with a lot of insight. Everything in the phone is fading everything like your apps and settings. If you do not remember Google or the Gmail password, it’s best to remind it or reset it before doing this. After downloading all the files, photos, and photos, Settings → Backup and Reset and Factory Data Reset will restart the phone after about 10 to 15 minutes and return to the same day.

It’s time to go to a new cell phone

Once the factories data datasheet is updated and updated, the only thing you can understand is that the phone’s life is over. It’s either a hard drive. The camera app does not look like that, because it’s a mess. Or maybe it’s not possible to handle the phone, processor, or new apps now. Usually, it’s about three years since it’s time to run the best speed in a phone. We took the first thing that we said and drag it like 4 to 4 inches. Then comes the time of desolation. Trashing



Written by Yomal