Instagram Lite Is Going Global


Facebook first introduced the Instagram Lite app in 2018 in Mexico but later discontinued it. Then in December, the Instagram Lite app was launched in India and so far Facebook has introduced the Instagram Lite app in 170 countries around the world.

According to Facebook, the Lite App is well-suited for low-capacity, low-powered entry-level, low-powered Android smartphones. This Lite App has been developed by an international team in New York and Tel Aviv.



They have developed this Lite Version on older and weaker smartphones as they are not able to go among the community to test this app due to the current COVID-19 status. There is no Dark Mode or AR filters, in-app animations and Transitions available in the Instagram app for this. It has also been mentioned that the Dark Mode feature will be introduced for the Instagram Lite App in the coming months.

The Instagram Lite app is currently available for download in 170 countries, including Sri Lanka, through the Google Play Store, and is currently only available for Android devices. They have stated that they do not expect to provide this Lite App for iOS devices in the future.

Source: Android PoliceXda DevelopersFacebookGoogle News


Written by Yomal