Is Time Travel Real ?


For the past nearly 50 years, the world has been saying that the climb is a truth and a lie. Especially as science progresses, so when the efficiency of the equipment increases, it can be seen that the discussion of time moves strongly over time. Today we are going to share with you about some of the evidence that the world is on time. Before we first know the evidence, let’s first take a look at the time.

What’s the Time Travel?

If we can go for a long time or in the future, from the present moment we are called the time period. When Newton’s science submits to people simple things, Einstein brings people to a serious position of relativity. With that curiosity, “people can walk through time. It’s only to move faster than the speed of light, “she said.” There are several other stories that are coming into the world. After that, people began to search more over time. After that, the movies began to talk about time.

Terminator film series
Star Trek movie
Men in Black movie
Back to the Future movie

In many movie productions, this is the time of the climb.

Is time travel Real?

This is the biggest problem with time. The theoretical point of view that is currently accepted is that it is possible to pass the time. But scientists say that it is practically impossible to transient the world’s current technology. Even today, scientists are experimenting with things like a small atom, like 0.0001 seconds, and can not be successful. Also, we need to remember that the photographs of time interlacing evidence and other evidence suggests that “this is not a time-out” in every one of them. Let’s take a closer look at this evidence.

1. A young man from the future

Visitors to the reopening ceremony of the Bridge, South Fork Bridge in British Columbia in 1941, had been photographed. It seems that one person who wears one of those pictures seems to be unique in that person’s clothing and hands-on device. He wore a T-shirt with a type of design that would appeal to the present youth. Also, the prewash that was worn in the modern style is also in the modern style. In the same way, he sees in his hands a camera that looks like a modern era. So many people told me and thought that this time was a yacht. I used to speak from a recent era.

However, it was argued that this guy was wearing a uniform hockey team in Canada at that time and that he had made these stylish glasses from 1920, and that he had a camera used thereafter.


2. Chaplin’s girlfriend

In a 1928 film, Chaplin’s film shows that an elderly woman is talking to someone by telephone. We can clearly see how we talk about how we talk today. How can that be?

But this is a rationale that this could be a device used to eradicate ear injuries at that time.

3. Adidas shoes some 1100 years ago

During the excavation of the MtGolyi Mountains in the year 2016, a good mummy was found.
The special feature of this mammal is that the body belongs to the two-foot pads. They were much like shoes. Not only in shoes, but also in the style of a pair of shoes issued by the Adidas company in 2006. The investigations revealed that the woman was a woman. She also claimed that she had been killed in a terrible blow to her head. These came up two stories. One is that men have made high-level footwear in the past. Or it may be a time when a shipwreck falls during a turbulent period.

4. The astronaut in the 14th century

The 14th century was in the 1300s. It was a time when there was not a time when there was a lot of thoughts about space explorations, astronauts, and the like. But here you can find a sculpture of an asteroid among the craftsman’s creations in Salamanca, Spain.

It is said that this temple was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. To cover this sculpture, a spherical helmet of the modern astronauts, a larger, larger body of body, and an oxygen tank and oxygen tank for oxygen have been designed to help the astronaut to get into the oxygen pipeline. This photo has created a big lacuna on the Internet. But the mystery behind the carpet was revealed later. It’s a new addition to the renovation that took place in the last half of the church in 1992.

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Written by Yomal