Li-fi Is Capable Of Sharing Data At Speeds Of Light!


Li-Fi is no longer amazing technology. Many of the people using the Internet use routers with Wi-Fi wireless connection. Any low-capacity smartphone has a WiFi connection. But we say, how many times faster than hi-tech, hi-tech wireless technology is going to be the future of technology in the future. Yes. This technology is called Li-Fi (Li-Fi). This is to say about Li-Fi technology.

1. What is a Li-Fi?

Simply put, WiFi is a way to share data with radio waves. Wi-Fi is Wireless Fidelity. It’s just a little crazy brand. But that’s what we’re talking about with the latest Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi is Light Fidelity. In the case of LIFE technology, the data is exchanged through visible light. If it’s more accurate, the L-E-DB uses the LIFI-FEATURE.

2. How does a Li-Fi work?

We say that the ly-fa operates on the basis of radios instead of light. Actually, there’s no need for exclusive light sources for ly-fa, rather than LED bulbs that can be seen at home. In simple terms, the Li-Fi technology works like this.

We have heard that photons that are released from a light source are taking power. The photons have the strength and the momentum. That is Foton we see as light. Now, let’s say, the electric current supply to the dipped-in light is moving a very small amount. The photon flow from the light also changes in an invisible manner and becomes extremely high. It’s the basis of Li-Fi data transfer technology.

3. What’s more, the Li-Fi functionality?


We are a LED light bulb and a Li-Fi system created with all the electronic components. Now the data is supplied using the signaling technology of the light bulb. This data can be transmitted at a rapid pace through the light source emitted by the Light Bulb. We also say that we use a light source to use the data. Do not forget. This data is only 1 and 0. These binary signs represent the invisible variation of the light tear.

Now, this galaxy captures a photodiode with a spinning light. This photodiode can be used to convert data that represents the light source to electronic signs. Now, these electronic signals can be translated into data again. It’s easier to work on a smartphone than any other computer that can read this data further.

4.Li-Fi how fast?

When talking about the speed of the Li-Fi connection, we can say with confidence that we can imagine what we can presently from the standards. The experiment tests confirm that the live-in connection can take up to 224 GB of data in a second. That’s about 100 times faster than the fastest WiFi. If we say that we have a connection via a home-based Internet connection from the home line, if you have an Internet connection from home-Internet, you can use 1.5 GB of Blu-Ray Movies, like 18 movies It only takes one second to download! But, so you can download DOWNLOAD LYRICS quickly and quickly. That means that there is a service provider that can provide the Internet connection at home.

5. Do not have problems with Li-Fi?

Definitely. Like any technology, there are high-level qualities as well as a problem-packed ly-phi. The main problem with Li-pee is the range of data that can be exchanged via Lie-play. Now, we know that when the router is in use, what room the router is, but whether there is a problem in a separate room. Because there are no obstacles like radio walls. Often, when you go out and get out the street, you can get into your Wi-Fi router at home. But it can not be played with Li-Fi.

Ly-fa has a limited range. Also, the light can not go through the walls, so the Li-Fi like the router cannot be kept in the room and can not be used. The ly-fa photodiodes and the light bulb should be in the same room. It’s good if there’s a kind of angle that’s directly related to them. Otherwise, even at the walls of the reflected light, you can give at least 70 megabytes of data per second. It’s more than normal now.


Written by Yomal