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Usually, we’re all using more than one computer at least. Often you have to use the computer for the job. But then it’s time to get up. Most of the time, the Softwares have been upset so many times that they do not have to download the software needed for their work. So when we are surfing the software, we do not have the ways and means to build that thing? There. The problem is that most people do not know the ways and means. Let’s talk about some online strings that can be used to solve such urgent needs.

1. Graphic Design

In general, a graphic designer of a graphic designer has some kind of software such as Adobe Photoshop and Coral DRO. But what about the time they are lost? How can you make a graphic design at a time? Do not worry. There are enough tools to build a job in Colleen.

Let’s say we wanted to create a poster to make a Facebook post. Or Canva is a great online tool that can use anything like a card, a book cover, a Bracher, a template, a coupon, infographics, labels, a lightweight header, or whatever.

If you want a free option that you can use without any online help, GIMP is the SoftWare that can be reconsidered. This is a successful photo studio with a very successful software system, Designer Softwares.

So what happens if Adobe Illustrator or Coral Dro does not have a vector graphic for an urgent need without a Software? Come in, Gravit Designer is a good online solution for it. Gravit Designer can be used online to create professional-based designs even if it’s not too complex.

2. Pdf Converter

We will ask any person for any PDF issues. The most common question is how to read a Word doc document. The problem here is that usually the PDF usually opens with another version of Word, but it can not be edited. But there are tools to get a PDF with the ability to fix it without any problems.


The easiest way to do this is the adobe acrobat pro software. This is not an online tool, Fry Natha. But I gave a seven-day ticket. That’s when you get that trolley and put it in for work. This allows you to convert PDFs without having to go.

Or else you can use an online tool like Actually, just google search can find PDF to word Converter Tools. It can be easily downloaded from PDF format such as docx, dox. But the Sinhala letter is a bit of a mess.

3. File Backup Service

We have saved the files on this computer for a while, either at the computer. If not for a hard disk drive or a pen drive, we also have the files. Whether it’s a CD or a DVD. But everyone knows that the folders on the Internet are stored and space. Not knowing. Because Cloud Hard Memory Services have been introduced so far. Generally, we get a free 15GB of free Google Drive from a free Google Drive. And then one gets a Microsoft Cloud and the 5 GB of Free OneDrive cloud memory. These are unique features that can be uploaded to a large file but can be uploaded to the cluster. And if someone wants to take that file, we only have to allow that person to come to the file.

But did you know that there’s much more cloud storage than this? For example, the box provides 10 GB of memory. However, the biggest file sizes can be uploaded is 250 megabytes. Dropbox offers 2GB of free. From Amazon’s drive, you can get 5 free Gigabytes.

Let’s say we need a much larger memory capacity for a long time. Then we have great cloud memory and security, not an instant access to data. Cloud hosting services such as Cold Storage are important. An example is a Zoolz service. This gives a person 100 GB of free memory. You can upload as many large files as they can in some 100 Gigabytes. But we have to wait for 3 to 5 hours if we want a file again. But when it comes to such a huge amount of capacity it is not necessary to count it. Anyway, Cold Storage is in the same way.


Written by Yomal

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