Smart Home Devices


Needless to say, how much easier it is to us after our smartphone has been smartphones. This convenience will not only make it easier for us to make our career easier, but also increase our appreciation and social commitment. While some people have blamed some of the smarter technology at this moment, this note is about some of the devices that can be used to help you customize the home in which we live.

1. Smart WiFi Camera

I will tell you about the use and the gamut of these brands. A smart WiFi camera is mainly for home security. And this can be useful for many practical purposes, too. For example, this is very useful for checking the double-checker that looks like a home-dweller. And it will be useful to check the busy duties, even if one is a close-knit bird to the man. And this smartness is not the one to keep in mind the blame. Everything can be checked as well as double check.

2. Smart Bulbs

Now, smart bulbs are manufactured by well-known brands of the light bulb. There are a lot of features in smart bubbles. It can be controlled by a smartphone, it can change colors, reduce light levels, and make it possible for someone to automatically light up when they enter a room. Especially when it is not possible at home, the ability to operate.

3. Smart Assistant

The worlds famous technology companies have now made a smart loudspeaker for your home. That Smart Folder actually works as a companion in the home. You’ll be able to more easily control all smartphones at home and connect to it. In fact, it’s easy to make things like knowing something you need to know something, playing a song, lighting, and lighting them.


4. Smart Lock

There is no need to say what a lock is about locks in any home now. But the benefits of using a smart lock are many. It has advantages such as not requiring you to carry a key, fingerprinting your password or typing your finger, not being able to easily locate a key, switching the finger of your password or fingers from time to time, unlike a key. Its most important advantage is to be mind-boggling and ease-of-mind.

5. Robot Floor Mop

This is usually a convenience to a typical smart home with the convenience of Punkahs, Magul Lamps and Clay pots that are not suitable for a home in Sri Lanka. It will properly clean your floor without wasting time and waste more time. This smartphone can be remotely controlled so you can benefit from it during the night during which everyone is sleeping.

6. Hot + Cool Air Purifiers

Cold breezes in cold areas and cool air in air-conditioners, but clean air and cleanse them without dust and gum without germ. This smart gas cleaner can clean the air around you, if necessary, to increase the temperature of the environment or to increase the cool climate.

7. Universal Remote

It’s not a smart thing to know how many smart devices are packed with various remote controls to control everything like a TV, a TV deck, air conditioner, a light bulb. Because you have to use more than that remote control, so your smartness has escaped. Therefore, using a remote controller that can be used for all purposes will make life easier.


Written by Yomal