Fire Destroys OVH Clouds Sbg2 Data Center In Strasbourg

Strasbourg OVH Datacenter Catches Fire - Computer Games And Data On Several Websites Are Irretrievably Destroyed

The other day (10/03/2021) there was a big fire at the OVH Datacenter in Strasbourg. One of the buildings at the OVH Data Center was initially destroyed by the fire.

More than 100 firefighters were called in to put out the blaze at the Data Center, which also cut off power to the entire area. However, as a result of this fire, it is reported that the data of the popular Survival Game Rust Game has been irretrievably destroyed.

According to Octave Klaba, the boss of OVH Cloud Server, the fire completely destroyed SBG2 and a large part of SBG1.

Facepunch Studios has so far confirmed that about 25 EU servers have been directly affected by the OVH datacenter fire. Accordingly, all the game data of all 25 servers have been lost. They are also currently studying the possibility of restoring lost data.


In addition to the loss of data on Rust Game Servers, thousands of popular Web sites in Europe, such as WP Rocket, Piwigo and Imagify, were destroyed by the fire. In addition, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the TruckersMP mod are reported to run on low capacity servers in Europe.

The Rust Console Edition for PS4 and Xbox One was to be released in the near future and part of it was to be developed by Double Eleven studio. However, it has not yet been announced how this fire will affect the release of the Rust Console Edition.

The fire caused extensive damage to the OVH Datacenter, but all its employees were evacuated safely. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined.



Written by Yomal