There Are Nine Of Our Own Apps Used In Sri Lanka


As the normal phone became a smartphone, the number of workloads increased from a large number. A large number of apps were added to the App Store for a short time. In Sri Lanka, apart from world-wide social media like Facebook, IMO, Twitter, Twitter and Twitter, we have some of the most popular apps. Let’s get some information about these apps that are worth including or tested on our phone.

1. Helakuru

Can not get typing in Sinhalese at the beginning of the smartphone’s arrival was a big problem. Then it was completely solved by the Helabima. In the long run, the Google Keyboard was also used for Sinhala typing, but most of Sri Lanka’s most effective helpless computers are used to typing in most Sinhala languages. Over four million people are actively deployed for the day and now have a helpless app for more than 2.2 million devices.

2. Train schedule

Apps are among the departing trains to get to know the train time. The app provided by the Government Railway Department often does not work properly and therefore has come to other apps. In India, you can get a lot of work over the train schedule through train alps, booking train tickets, check the location of the train ride. The official Facebook group of the state railway commuters is in the process of getting an app that can provide useful information for trains in our country.

3. Dictionary


In the web space, it’s easy to use the web dictionary Madura Online. There are also several English English translation apps that can be used in the absence of the Internet.

4. Pick me

The time has come to call for a taxi to reserve a taxi, pick up the route and choose a vehicle and pick up a picket now to order a taxi. The pick-up service spreads to most people. Some time ago, ordinary cab services enabled the pick-up of three-wheelers when picked up. If you occasionally search for a regular or rented car, you can find a matching app.

5. Veta App

Veta App is a successful app for the healthcare service launched by Dialog. Through this, it became easier for authorities to find the dengue distribution accurately during the spread of dengue. But if the reports received through the app are more reliable, data on the dengue patient should be updated. There is an awareness of the provinces where dengue patients are. Thereafter, it is a great advantage for the relevant divisions to be able to act like the areas where this is spread to those areas where they are directly covered.

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Written by Yomal